Cannot change which global value set this picklist uses deployment error

Deploying picklist fields in Copado, you might receive a deployment error that looks like this:

"Cannot change which global value set this picklist use"

This is a Salesforce limitation regarding global picklists fields. The conversion of an existing field from regular to global picklist is not allowed by Salesforce.

If your source org was converted to use global picklist and your target org is still using these standard picklists, you might run into this issue. When you deploy, Salesforce will try to convert the existing field in the target org for using global picklist but it will not be able due to the mentioned limitation.


You will need to manually convert the field in the target org. You can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new field and use global picklist.
  2. Remove the old field.
  3. Rename the new field and make sure it matches the old field name.

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