Metadata Source Options

Updated 3 weeks ago by Copado Solutions

If you are in Winter ‘21, only unlocked packages and Git packages are supported as metadata sources for your scratch orgs. The other metadata sources have been removed temporarily as Copado redesigns this feature to better align with SFDX concepts and will be again available in the near future.


You can use packages for a modular-based approach in the development process. A package contains a set of user-defined metadata completely isolated from everything else. You can create a scratch org from one or multiple packages. When working with packages, scratch org creation is faster, and metadata scope is easily managed.

Copado scratch orgs work with two different types of packages:

  • Unlocked packages
  • Git packages


Load metadata from a specific Git branch. Copado supports 4 branch types as a scratch org metadata source:

  • Git Branch: Any Git branch without a specific purpose. Specific branch types are explained below as different types of branches.
  • Feature Branch: Isolated branch for a specific user story so that the changes that were committed in the user story are stored in this branch.
  • Promotion Branch: Also known as Release Branch, this branch is an Isolated branch created automatically by Copado that holds the metadata of one or multiple user stories that are selected to be promoted.
  • DX Project Branch: Copado automatically creates project branches as a metadata template of a scratch org. This type of branch may contain one or multiple packages if the scratch org metadata source is selected as packages. By using project branches you can recreate any scratch org.

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