Creating a Case Through the Community

Details needed when creating a case

Please be sure to provide as much detail as possible when creating the case. This will allow our Support agents to jump right into the investigation without the need for back and forth on details.
  1. Organization ID for the specific org you are experiencing the issue in
  2. Please make sure login access is granted. If the issue is being experienced by specific user(s), please make sure login access is granted with the affected user(s) as well as a user with full Copado access
  3. Description of the issue with as much detail as possible
  4. For issues related with deployments, the promotion branch will be useful to determine if the problem is actually related with the deployment process or with the content in that branch. If it's related to the promotion branch, we will need the feature branch and the target branch
  5. Steps to reproduce. Please specify things like "Commit this component", "when deploying", or "when promoting". The more specific details we have the more efficient we can be in troubleshooting.
  6. If it is not clear how the issue happened, try and provide as many details as possible of what was done before the issue occurred (i.e. specific steps taken before). We will need these steps in order to try and reproduce the issue on our end.
  7. Link to affected records. If you provide us with record IDs instead of the names, we can check the logs without accessing the organization
  8. Current behavior (what is happening or what happened when the steps detailed above were taken)
  9. Expected results (what is the result you expected when taking the steps that you detailed above)
  10. Error messages (please share these exactly as they were sent to the user(s) experiencing the issue)
  11. Screenshots that could help us understand the component you are deploying, the status in the source org and target org or git
Note: If you are experiencing multiple issues, be sure to create a separate case for each issue.  This will allow us to track any development work, communications, etc. specific to each issue, and ensure that each issue is addressed appropriately.

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