Project Overview and Setup

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A project is a proposed or planned undertaking of changes that are going to be made in Salesforce.

Creating a Project

  1. Navigate to the Projects tab.
  2. Click on New.
  3. Fill in the data as required and click on Save.

Relevant Fields

Start Date/End Date: Set the dates during which the project takes place.

Index Metadata: Selecting this checkbox enables the User Story Metadata Index feature used to track metadata components that have been added/committed to the user stories. 

Status: To monitor your project's lifecycle you can apply different status options: Draft, Planned, In Progress or Completed.

Pipeline: If working with Copado Change Management, the project must be linked to a pipeline. The pipeline determines the destination environment of the user stories included in the project.

If you have installed the Copado Integrations application to integrate with your external user story management system and import these into Copado, please see the application documentation available in the GitHub project.

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