Copado Version Control Supported Functionalities and Limits

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Supported Functionalities

Code management


Copado Version Control

Repository code search

Global code search

Branch manager

Create new branches

Web code editor

Commit graph

Template Repositories

Branch protection

Dynamic patterns for branch protection


Pull/Merge requests


Copado Version Control

Pull/Merge requests

Squash merging

Rebase merging

Pull/Merge request inline comments

Pull/Merge request approval

Restrict push and merge access to certain users

Pull/Merge requests templates

Download Patch

UI embedded merge conflict resolution

Revert specific commits or a merge request

Cherry-picking changes

3rd-party integrations


Copado Version Control

Webhook support

Two factor authentication (2FA)

Limits & Considerations

Repository and File Size
  • We recommend repositories remain small, ideally below 1 GB. If your repository exceeds 3 GB, we might ask you to reduce its size. Smaller repositories are faster to clone, easier to work with and maintain.
  • Individual files in a repository are strictly limited to a 100 MB maximum size limit. 
  • Public repositories will not be available to the public internet, just to everyone within your Copado Version Control instance.
  • If you choose to store any Sensitive Personal Information on our servers, you are responsible for complying with any regulatory controls regarding the data.
  • Git Large File Storage (LFS) is not supported.
  • Resolving conflicts via web UI is not supported. Nonetheless, conflicts can be solved through Copados merge conflict resolution panel or locally through IDEs.
  • Pull Request in-line edit comments are not supported as webhook events.
  • Single Sign-On is not available.
  • The following fields and events are not supported in the Pull Request webhook:
    • In-line edit comments are not supported as webhook events.
    • The following fields don't get populated in Copado:
      • Commits
      • Requested reviewers
      • Changed files
      • Commits number
      • Changed Files
      • Commits number

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