IntelliJ + Illuminated Cloud

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Downloading the Source Code
  1. Make sure you have a .gitignore file in the root of your repository.
  2. IntelliJ --> Open. Create a folder for the project. 
  3. Select the folder and click on ok
  4. Go to VCSCheckout from Version ControlGit
  • URL: Use your repository’s URI 
  • Directory: Use your directory and create a folder called src. 
  • Click on Clone:

  1. IntelliJ will ask you if you want  to create a project in the directory. Click on Yes

  1. Next, you will find two options, Create project from existing sources and Import project from external model. Select the first one and click on Next:

  1. Leave the next screen as it is and click on Next:

  1. IntelliJ will detect this is an Illuminated Cloud project. Click on Finish to complete the setup:

  1. Once the setup is completed, IntelliJ will ask you if you want to open the project in a new window or in the current window. Select Open in new window.
Connecting Your IDE with Your Salesforce Org
  1. The repository is cloned, so now you have to connect to your Salesforce developer org or sandox.
  2. Click on FileProject Structure. You will find an option named Problems, if you don’t see this, restart IntelliJ. The second problem is the important one:

  1. Click on Fix:

  1. Select your connection in the second column. If you haven’t specified a connection yet, click on the + sign to create a new one:

  1. After clicking on OK, IntelliJ may warn you that it will close and reopen. If this is the case, restart IDEA:
  2. First, it will ask you to convert the current project and back up old files. Click on Convert:

  1. If you see the warning below, click on Resolve:

  1. IntelliJ will set the src directory as root directory for the project:

  1. If It asks you to update the metadata subscriptions, go ahead and click on Yes.
  2. IntelliJ will ask to reload, so please click on Reload Project
  3. If you get another warning, click on Resolve:

  1. Update the .gitignore file to exclude the .idea and the IlluminatedCloud.[OrgName]
  • .idea
  • [OrgName]

You can now start using the Copado CLI!

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