Copado Selenium Recorder not working on Sandbox.

When working with Selenium in a Sandbox, you might get the error below when opening test cases with the recorder.

"There was an error loading the test case. The error was: System.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject
Please make sure the org binding is correct."

Another problem you might see is that some test cases are not returning an error but the script you see in the Copado recorder is the one in the Production org and not the one in the Sandbox.

This will happen if you are working on a FULL Sandbox and the API Key for your user was not recreated after refreshing the sandbox. 

When a FULL Sandbox is refreshed, all the data is copied into the sandbox from production, including the Copado API Keys. You will have to recreate the API Key from the Account Summary tab in the Sandbox to resolve this issue.

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