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How Do I Recommit Components In a User Story

One of the Git operations available in the User Story Commit page is Recommit Files. When this operation is selected, all the components that have been previously selected and committed on the user story (User Story Selections) are automatically selected in the metadata grid, allowing you to speed up the process of updating your feature branch with the newest content in your org.

Re-Create Feature Branch on US

What happens if you want to remove a selection or if there is something wrong in your feature branch and you want to re-create it? Here is where the Re-Create Feature Branch option comes into play:

Let’s see  what happens when this checkbox is and is not selected:

  • If the Re-Create Feature Branch checkbox is not checked, Copado will do the following when committing:
    • Commit the selected metadata components in the existing feature branch. If the feature branch is not found (because it was deleted manually in the Git repository), Copado will automatically create a feature branch.
  • If the Re-Create Feature Branch checkbox is checked, Copado will do the following when committing:
    • Delete the existing feature branch in the Git repository.
    • Create a new feature branch.
    • Commit the selected metadata components.
Please note that if you check the Re-Create Feature Branch box, the newly created feature branch will not include the previous commits in the user story, and the status of these commits will be set to Commit not in branch:
Disable Re-Create Feature Branch on US

 If you don’t want certain users to be able to recreate the feature branch when re-committing on a user story, you can flag the Disable Re-Create Feature Branch in US checkbox. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to Setup > Custom Settings.
  • Click on Manage next to Personal Settings.
  • Click on Edit next to the name of the user or profile you want to edit the settings for.
  • Select the Disable Re-Create Feature Branch in US checkbox and click on Save:
This feature is available from v17.4.

How Do I Recommit Components From An Existing User Story In a New User Story

If you want to recommit the metadata components of an existing user story in a new user story, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the User Stories tab and select the All list view. Then, flag the checkbox next to the user story number of the user story you want to recommit.
  2. Locate and click on the Recommit User Story list view button:

If you can’t see this button, please check if it has been added to the User Stories List View search layout.
  1. In the Reuse selections from other User Story commits screen, select the user story where you want to recommit. At the bottom of the page, you will see the list of previously committed metadata components.
  1. Click on Add selections. You will be redirected to the Snapshot commits page, where you will see the previously committed components under the Selected Metadata tab. If needed, you can continue committing components in the user story or remove existing selections before you click on Commit Files.

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