Copado Change Management (v1.3) - Release Notes

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Key Features

  • Mapping Issue Types and Work Item Types with Record Types are now supported in the current JIRA and Azure DevOps integration that Copado offers. To do this, the following enhancements have been introduced in the Copado Change Management package:
    • Issue Types and Work Item Types have been enabled for Record Type mapping on the Field Mapping object.
    • The following object and fields have been created:
      • Object: 
        • Record Type Mapping which has a lookup relationship to the Project object. 
      • Fields: 
        • Salesforce Record Type Name 
        • Third Party Record Type Name
  • Record type mapping works bi-directionally, which means that when you change a Record Type on Salesforce and trigger Salesforce to a third-party integration, the Record Type (Issue Type, Work Item Type) also changes on the third party (JIRA, Azure DevOps) work Item.
  • The default mapping is provided in a CSV file for JIRA and Azure DevOps.

Upgrade Instructions

Update the existing Field Mapping Record
  • Add the IssueType and System.WorkItemType to the Field Mapping object.


  • Add the related list Record Type Mappings to the Project Layout
  • Add the Salesforce Record Type Name and Third Party Record Type Name fields to the Record Type Mappings related list from the Project Layout.

Configuring the Record Type Mappings Records 

  1. You need to manually configure the Record Type Mapping records for the following record types:
    1. Jira
    Record Type Mapping records for Jira
    1. Azure DevOps
    Record Type Mapping records for Azure DevOps

For more information on creating record type mappings in Jira, check the Jira Integration Setup article and for Azure DevOps, check the Azure DevOps Integration Setup article. 

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