URL Callouts + Webhooks API

Updated 4 weeks ago by Copado Solutions

Using the step type URL Callout in conjunction with the Webhook API brings a lot of power to your deployments. You will be able to run any Copado job accessible via the Webhook API. The step will wait for its completion and succeed or fail depending on the job's result. Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Take a Git snapshot before and/or after deploying metadata.
  • Run all Apex tests in the source org before starting a deployment. Note that the deployment won't continue if a test failure is found.
  • Call the execution of another deployment, e.g. moving data/metadata from another source org.
  • Recalculate org differences after a deployment.


  • Create a deployment.
  • Add a URL Callout step.
  • Use the Look up Copado Webhook button and follow the instructions.

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