Backend Features and Performance Improvements in Winter '21

Updated 10 months ago by Copado Solutions

Copado’s Winter ’21 release not only includes exciting new features and enhancements to existing functionality. For this release, Copado has also made multiple improvements in the backend that have a direct impact on commit times and the overall performance of the Copado application.

Let’s take a look at the major improvements implemented throughout this release:

  • There are several internal tasks that now run in parallel. As a result of this, the snapshot difference calculation and the org credential refresh processes now run faster.
  • Commit times have been considerably reduced. The commit process is now marked as completed as soon as the feature branch is created and the metadata items are retrieved and merged into the feature branch. The merge of the feature branch with the source org’s branch is handled by Copado behind the scenes, which enables you to continue working without having to wait for the whole process to be completed.
  • Copado has also introduced improvements in execution times when multiple users are committing changes concurrently.
  • Tasks like taking a Git snapshot or refreshing the metadata grid in an org credential, were taking a lot of time and even failing sometimes due to an exception returned by Salesforce when retrieving the components in the org. Copado has optimized the batch size to avoid this issue when sending requests, and metadata retrieve operations are now running smoother.
  • If you are working with Vlocity metadata, Copado now enables you to filter the types of Vlocity components that are retrieved during a snapshot, which can reduce the time when taking a full snapshot.

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