Deploy community and portal users failed.

When deploying Portal or Community users with the "Users" deployment step, the deployment might fail with the error below:

ERROR - "Creating User: Unable to create/update fields: IsPortalEnabled. Please check the security settings of this field and verify that it is read/write for your profile or permission set." 

The same error is returned if you try to deploy the users with Data Loader and the field IsPortalEnabled is included in the deployment. This seems to be a standard Salesforce behaviour.

The "Users" deployment step doesn't allow you to modify the fields that are included in the deployment therefore you cannot avoid this error using this deployment step.


With Copado Summer'20, the Advance Data Deployment feature allows you to deploy users and you can select the fields in the user object that you want to deploy. This means that you can exclude the field IsPortalEnabled to avoid the error. 
Copado Summer'20 will be available on mid July 2020.

Until Copado Summer'20 is available, you can use Data Loader to deploy users if you are getting this error.

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